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Playing is Learning

Emerson's Playroom caricature drawing of our family

Inspired by a mother daughter duo and their love for a little boy, Emerson, we put our passion for home decor and our backgrounds in education to work by creating products and spaces for kids to fill with their imaginations.

The Duo


As a teacher and new mama, I see the value in children's ability to be creative. Imagination and creativity are often viewed as skills only related to childhood, however these are sought after skills in the modern world. I want to provide Emerson with rich play experiences that ignite his curiosity and lead to extended learning opportunities. It makes me happy that with Emerson's Playroom, I can design these experiences and share them with other littles


Working with students in education for 20 years showed me the power of play. Allowing a child the freedom to be themselves and letting them lead with imagination and emotion is very empowering to them and ignites the child in us all.  Creating Emerson's Playroom has allowed me to ensure there are safe, eco-friendly products available not only for Emerson but also for other littles and their families.

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