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Our doodle Pegpuppets truly come to life with the help of your littles' imagination. With a basic pegdoll print, we leave the rest of the design process up to them. Just add washable markers and this Pegpuppet set becomes whatever their little hearts desire! The best part is the fun never ends with the doodle Pegpuppet's washable design. Design, Play, Wash and Repeat!


PACK OF 3, choose from  Big, Little, Pet or SuperDoodle


**All puppets come with misc patterns of fabric on the back, in the custom section, make notes of favourite colours or colours not to send


* Ultra-Washable markers work best, and not all pigments wash-out completely

Doodle Pegpuppets

  • Each set includes:

    3 Dood Puppets


    **washable markers are not included

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